Friends Of Jeevy

"Friends of Jeevy" ?

On the advice of our friendly customers, we have designed a low cost monthly membership club called "Friends of Jeevy". Unarguably it is best discount program in computer service!

For $9.95 / month membership fee, you get unbelievable value for the money with many benefits including:

  • PC clean-up for $19.85 Every time! (Others pay $145)
  • Desktop repair for $19.85 every time! (Others pay $95)
  • Remote tech support for 19.85/Hour (Others pay $85/hour)

If you feel you need more frequent help on service calls, signup for Plan B.
For $19.85/month of membership fee you get some additional savings:

  • House calls cost you only $45/Hour (Others pay $85/Hour)
  • FREE online backup of critical files on your computer up to 10GB
  • FREE virus protection software on your computer
  • FREE use of our office color laser printer as and when you need
  • FREE use of a computer at our office when your computer is down

Questions? Call us at 941-918-0000

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